Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma courses are designed for high level supervisory and management positions.

This qualification level is valuable if you want to advance your career in the industry you already work in, or build on skills you’ve acquired through previous study.

Summary Graduates at this level will have specialised knowledge and skills for skilled/paraprofessional work and/or further learning.
Knowledge Graduates at this level will have technical and theoretical knowledge in a specific area or a broad field of work and learning.
Skills Graduates at this level will have a broad range of cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply methods and technologies to:

analyse information to complete a range of activities
provide and transmit solutions to sometimes complex problems
transmit information and skills to others

Application of knowledge and skills Graduates at this level will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, judgement and defined responsibility in known or changing contexts and within broad but established parameters.
AQF length 1-2 years (1200-2400 nominal hours)

Advanced Diploma of Business

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management