Advanced Diploma of Business

BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business

Qualification overview

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of Business Services job roles. These individuals may have general management accountabilities.

Individuals in these roles carry out complex tasks in a specialist field of expertise. They may undertake technical research and analysis, and will often contribute to setting the strategic direction for a work area.

The qualification is suited to individuals who are responsible for the supervision and leadership of a team or work area (including by managing staff performance and making staffing decisions).

Individuals in these roles may possess substantial experience in a range of settings, but seek to further develop their skills across a wide range of business functions.

skills and knowledge that they would like to develop in order to create further educational and employment opportunities.

Upon completion, candidates would be able to go on to study Bachelor Degree in Business or Advanced Diploma in Business.

Total Length

59 weeks

Study Weeks

50 weeks

Mode of delivery
  • 20 hours per week face to face
    • Each study week – 8 hours of lecture-based activities, 4 hours of tutorial / discussions (with assessments being completed in the final week as necessary), 4 hours of hands on – practical exercises (with assessments being completed in the final week as necessary) and 4 hours of directed learning opportunities.
    • Depending on your previous skills and knowledge, classes will be made available in the ‘break’ weeks, on a Tuesday and Wednesday.
Entry requirement
  • IELTS 5.5 equivalent / Upper-Intermediate English level
  • Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent
  • Minimum 18 years of age
Existing Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Students must either have vocational experience having previously completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from the BSB Training package or who possess sound business skills and knowledge with a minimum of 2 years full-time equivalent experience in an appropriate role.

Recognition of prior learning / credit transfer
  • You will be given the opportunity to reduce your course length through recognition of prior learning or transferring credit from previously completed courses
  • Information on units that may cross over with this course from other course we offer can be found here
  1. BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
  2. BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans
  3. BSBSUS601 Lead corporate social responsibility
  4. BSBFIN601 Manage organisational finances
  5. BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy
  6. BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change
  7. BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  8. BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area
  9. BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others
  10. BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation

Qualification Details


BSB60120 / CRICOS: 103333M